Join us for a spectacular and action-packed experience on the mighty Otra, one of summer Norway's warmest rivers.

Rafting is the most popular outdoor activities in Evje!

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Rafting on Otra

Klatreparken på Evje tilbyr spennende klatreløyper for store og små.

With TrollAktiv you rafting on the river Otra, which is a unique and diverse river. It has many exciting, challenging and fun waterfalls. Now also with Northern Europe’s first and best river surfing wave!

About white water rafting

We take guests out on Otra with specially built, self-draining inflatable boats developed especially for rivers and rapids. We paddle down the river with up to 8 people plus an instructor in each boat.

The highlight is Syrtveitsfossen

The highlight of our rafting trips is Syrtveitsfossen! The section has an overall gradient drop of 8.5 meters and is both a beautiful sight and a popular hiking destination. The rapid was previously used for timber floating, and at that time large jetties were built to lead the timber down the wild rapids. This makes the river stretch perfect for rafting!

Rafting on the river Otra with TrollAktiv

The Otra river is the largest river in Southern Norway, spanning 245 km, It flows all the way from Setesdalsheiene in Bykle municipality down to Kristiansand, where it meets the sea. The river is Norway’s seventh longest waterway and offers many varied and exciting challenges for rafting.

Choose family rafting or action-packed rafting:

We offer two types of trips: Action-filled rafting trip (white water rafting) suitable for those over 140 cm, and a calmer family rafting that is suitable for those over 120 cm.

Equipment used rafting

Equipment you will receive on our rafting trip

Ofte stillede spørsmål

  • Life jacket (CE approved)
  • Wetsuit
  • Splashproof and windproof jacket
  • Helmet (CE approved)
  • Rent westoes for 30 kr,- (not included)
  • Swimwear or wool underwear
  • Sneakers (or rent wet shoes with us for kr 30,-)
  • Towel

Rafting is a popular activity where you paddle a specially made rubber boat, called a raft, down a river. As a rule, rafting takes place in groups, where you have a professional instructor with you. The participants are dressed in safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets and work together to paddle and navigate the boat on the river and through the rapids.

Rafting is a fast-paced and fun outdoor activity that can be adapted depending on level and experience with different levels of difficulty. Rafting is often carried out in river rapids where the water flows quickly and / or steeply, so-called “white water”, which provides an action-packed and spectacular experience. For younger participants and for those who are not as fond of action, you can choose rafting in quieter parts of the river. This provides a more family-friendly rafting trip.

The high season for rafting is May to October, when most of the glacial water in the mountains has melted and the water flow in the river is stable.

To get the most out of your rafting trip, it is best to raft in the spring or summer – from May to September / October. Melting snow from the surrounding mountain areas will provide more water and stronger current, which makes rafting more exciting and challenging.

If, on the other hand, you are going to raft with children, it will pay to go in the main summer, for example in July. Then most of the snow has melted through the spring, and the river areas are calmer and warmer. Perfect for rafting with the kids and the family!

At TrollAktiv we offer two types of trips. Both tours are designed for beginners and more experienced. All participants receive the necessary review of safety and paddling techniques before we go on a trip.

Like other nature experiences, the weather can affect the rafting experience. If it is a dry summer with little rain, the river will be relatively calm because there is little water in circulation. In wet summers with a lot of rain, there can be a large flow of water in the river, which gives a more challenging rafting experience. CHECK OUT WEATHER AT TROLLAKTIV

Når du er ferdig med opplæringen prøver du først treningsløypen, som ligger lavt over bakken. Denne treningsløypen må bestås av alle som skal klatre i klatreparken. I treningsløypen får du testet ut utstyret og klatringen i praksis, og kan prøve deg frem før du skal opp i høyden.

Vi hjelper deg gjerne med tips og triks som gjør klatringen litt mindre skummel. Vi viser deg teknikker og gir deg litt ekstra støtte og oppfølging hvis du ønsker det.

Vi har god erfaring med at klatring i trygge omgivelser i klatrepark kan være et stort steg på veien mot å kurere høydeskrekk!

In high season we offer purchase of photos from the trip.

At TrollAktiv, we use specially built, self-draining inflatable boats developed especially for use in rivers and rapids. The rafts can accommodate up to 8 people plus a guide in each boat. We try our very best to arrange for people in the same group to sit in the same raft.

At TrollAktiv, we use height to determine rafting limits and not age. This is to ensure the safety of the participants.

Over 140 cm high = can participate in all rafting trips

Over 120 cm high = can participate in family rafting

Children under 120 cm cannot participate in rafting for safety reasons.

Like other nature experiences, rafting may involve some risk. There are strong forces at play in a river, and factors such as water level, season and weather can affect the conditions in the river. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced instructor with you who can lead the boat in a safe way and who knows the river and the river rapids well.

At TrollAktiv, we follow modern Norwegian safety standards and have instructors with extensive training and experience. Therefore, you can be sure that it is as safe as possible to raft with us.

When you participate in rafting, you will receive a CE-approved life jacket. The CE marking means that the life jacket meets the safety requirements from the authorities. You will also receive safety equipment such as a wetsuit, helmet and splashproof/windproof jacket. Together, the equipment ensures that you are well prepared before we go on the rafting trip. It is important that all participants use the equipment throughout the trip.

Before we board the raft, everyone who is to participate receives an orientation in safety from our instructor. Here we go through various steps to ensure that everyone who participates is safe and well informed. It is important that all participants follow the instructions given.

In rafting, paddles are used by all participants to navigate the raft down the river. Everyone in the boat works together as a team to control the raft by following the commands given by the instructor. Before the group goes out on the river, our instructor gives a review of safety equipment and a lesson in basic paddling techniques so everyone. It is not necessary to have previous experience when you participate in a rafting trip with us, and beginners will enjoy the trip as much as the more experienced!

We are located 5 km north of Evje and 1 hour north of Kristiansand. Our address is Syrtveit 4, 4735 Evje. See directions


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