Learning & Play


  • Group activities develop teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Activities in nature develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Master new skills and expand individual boundaries with challenging activities.
  • Develop communication skills and mutual trust through cooperation with classmates on activities.
  • Develop language skills; students can listen and speak English together with our International staff
  • Develop mutual respect and acceptance of others through group activities
  • Environmental learning is facilitated through all our activities
  • We aim to provide quality shared experiences and lasting memories
  • Basic flora and fauna, ecosystems, and general ecology are important learning aims whilst on activities


  • Challenge by choice.  Every individual has the right to set their own limits and aims.  Our job is to support our guests to succeed
  • Bullying or peer pressure is not tolerated and we will work to create a supportive environment on activities and around the center
  • Everyone is welcome and everyone is included.  We pride ourselves in ensuring everyone has an opportunity to take part in the activity of their choice
  • We encourage all our guests that during free time they should, socialize, play and enjoy their time together.
  • Safety first; Good learning environments are created by a safety-first policy.  Safe guests can enjoy the activity and learning is the end result