Preserving and protecting the rivers, mountains, and forests of Agder are vital for the biodiversity of this beautiful region. At TrollAktiv we aim to help preserve and protect our natural environment for the enjoyment of future generations

  • We aim to leave no trace. Every activity must be planned so that the environment has no lasting damage. 
  • We recycle and educate our guests on recycling best practices.  Each year we work hard to reduce waste produced at the center.
  • We have made an effort to reduce transport as much as possible.  This means we reduce our carbon footprint and our guests spend more time on activities and less time in minibusses.
  • We are Miljøfyrtårn certified and in 2020 we became self-sufficient for electricity in the summer due to a new Solar power system we are installing. 
  • Each year we perform clean up projects on the Otra river.  
  • We buy local and support local businesses.  
  • Our guides are trained to an international standard and must be competent to teach basic flora and fauna, ecosystems, and general ecology.