Evje Treetop Adventure Park is a fun and challenging treetop adventure park just 1 hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Get ready to balance, climb and zip between the treetops. Guaranteed fun for all ages!

At Evje High Ropes Park you will find a wide selection of climbing routes and exciting challenges. We use state-of-the-art safety systems and can promise you a safe and fun experience at a height!

We have 3 different courses. Those between 100cm and 120cm can have an hour of fun climbing on the low course.  If you are between 120 cm and 140cm you can test yourself on the low and the medium courses. Over 140cm climb on the medium and the high courses.  

The low course is 2 meters above the ground aimed at small children from 100 cm to 120 cm in height.

The medium course 4 to 5 meters above the ground designed for children over 120 cm of height.

A higher course between 5 & 12 meters above the ground is for all over 140cm of height.  

The High Ropes Park is open all year round and offers climbing for both individuals and groups. You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

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Remember you save 30,- per person by booking online!

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The climbing routes

The climbing park on Evje offers exciting climbing routes for young and old.

In the climbing trails, you will encounter various challenges and obstacles high up between the treetops. The tracks are placed in trees, with various obstacles and challenges between each platform.

There is no age limit for climbing TrollAktiv’s climbing park on Evje.

For the safety of the individual, we still have to have some guidelines for height and weight. This is to be sure that the equipment works optimally and that each individual is completely safe during the climb.

Height: All climbers must be over 100 cm.
Weight: Everyone who wants to climb must be under 120 kg.

100 cm high – 2 tracks

120 cm high – 4 tracks

140 cm high – 7 tracks

Child & adult ticket

The climbing park is a great way to try something different with your family.

If a child is under 140cm it must have the 100cm ticket, the adult who may follow can also buy a 100cm ticket, to join the child. The adult can and jump off after the third round, alternatively complete all five – then with a 140cm ticket.

Price NOK 280,- if you are 100 – 140 cm tall.

Price NOK 380,- if you are over 140 cm tall.

Remember you save NOK 30,- per person by booking climbing online!

Safety in the climbing park

We at TrollAktiv take safety seriously and ensure that your visit, to the climbing park is as safe as possible.

The climbing park in Evje uses a continuous and modern safety system which ensures that you are safely secured all the way. You will be given safety equipment that must be used for as long as you participate, and you will be attached to the cable at all times with a safety harness.

All our instructors have a valid first aid course, and we have the equipment and personnel to deal with all the little things that can happen. You can be sure that you will get the best help should an accident occur.

The climbing park is inspected annually by an independent ERCA inspector and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate.

You will receive:

  • Full body climbing harness.
  • Helmet. Size from 48cm – 60cm Edelrid Ultralight (CE Approved).
  • Carabiner hook that keeps you continuously connected to the wire.
  • Pulley for zipline. Kong Evo (CE Approved).

Together, the equipment ensures that you are well secured and completely safe during your visit to the climbing park.

Read more about security at TrollAktiv.

The equipment we use

Everyone who climbs in Evje Klatrepark must use the safety equipment that is distributed.


The climbing trails make for a lot of fun! Most of our guests climb for around 2-3 hours to get through all the trails and challenges, but this will vary from person to person and group to group.

All visitors are encouraged to bring:

  • Good trainers (sandals are not allowed).
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Hair tie if you have long hair

Beyond this, you do not need to bring your own equipment. All visitors are given a safety harness and helmet.

There is no age limit for climbing in TrollAktiv’s climbing park on Evje.

For the sake of the individual’s safety, we still have to have some guidelines for height and weight.

This is to be sure that the equipment works optimally and that each individual is completely safe during the climb.

Height:  Everyone who wants to climb must be over 100 cm.
Weight:  Everyone who wants to climb must be under 120 kg.

  • 100cm – 2 tracks
  • 120cm – 4 tracks
  • 140cm – 7 tracks

Evje Klatrepark is centrally located in the middle of Southern Norway.

You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.
Address: Syrtveit 4, 4735 Evje.

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There are good parking options at TrollAktiv.

We offer free parking for all visitors to the climbing park.

A visit to Evje Klatrepark offers activities and fun challenges for all ages and skill levels.

You don’t need to have previous climbing experience – it will be fun anyway!
All participants receive safety training and a practical review before the climbing starts, so that you are well prepared regardless of whether you have previous experience or not.

  • It is not allowed to eat / drink with safety equipment on.
  • The onsite restaurant is open in the high season – Napoli
  • The cafe in reception is open all year.

Many people think heights can be scary.

Did you know that climbing in a climbing park is a good place to start to cure your fear of heights?

When you visit us, you first get a thorough review of the safety equipment and how each individual part works.

We show you how the equipment is attached, so that you can be sure that the climbing is safe and that you are well attached.
When you have finished the training, you first try the training track, which is low above the ground.

This training course must be passed by everyone who will be climbing in the climbing park.

On the training trail, you get to test out the equipment and the climbing in practice, and can try your hand before you go up in height.

We are happy to help you with tips and tricks that make the climb a little less scary.

We show you techniques and give you some extra support and follow-up if you want it.

We have good experience that climbing in a safe environment in a climbing park can be a big step on the way to curing your fear of heights!

We have a mini climbing park which is perfect for children!

In the mini climbing park, it is possible for you as a parent to walk right next to the child.

For every fourth child there must be an adult, of course the children are not confident enough to manage without help from an adult.


  • That I / we are under 120 kg.
  • That I / we are over 120 cm, to complete three rounds, or over 140 cm to be able to complete all five rounds.
  • That I / we will follow all instructions given by the instructors.
  • That I / we are healthy without injuries, illness or pregnancy that could lead to danger for either myself or others while we participate.
  • That / I we are not under the influence of alcohol during the climb.
  • TrollAktiv Drift AS reserves the right to make changes or cancel activities due to extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen events.
    In exceptional cases, tours can be canceled or the start time changed if we do not have the required number of participants before the start of the activity.
    Before ordering, our customers must ensure that they read the information about our requirements for: Age/height, physical health etc. Call +47 37 93 11 77 if you have any questions.