Paintball is a fast-paced and fun game. You will need to work as a team to complete your mission and defeat your opponents.

We use Tippman equipment and compressed air to give a reliable and consistent product.  We have developed our own Paintball arena close to the Rafting centre.  It is possible to play for two hours and after a game you can take a hot shower and enjoy a pizza or ice cream at our onsite restuarant.

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Remember you save 30 kr. per person by booking online!

We recommend

Combine this activity with a homemade pizza!

The equipment we use

Everyone who participates in paintball must use the safety equipment that is distributed.


  • Good footwear (not sandals).
  • Bottle of water
  • Go with clothes you are not too afraid of, to wear under the paintball suits
  • Paintball suit
  • Mask
  • Marker (paintball gun).
  • Paintballs (can buy more if needed)

2 or 3 hour program. (Included in this time are instruction, training and games)

Everyone in the group is over 140 cm.

All the instructions given in orientations and safety lectures from instructors and employees at TrollAktiv AS.

Do not have any medical conditions including injury, illness or pregnancy that could put you at risk during participation in the activities.

Not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while I / we participate in the activities.