Welcome to adventure pass Evje A.P.E with 6 different activities.

A package that fills the whole day with active, fun and exciting experiences. A packed adventure day at an incredible price!

A southern summer holiday is so much more than the good days on the beach.

This experience-rich day includes five adventure activities, the order of the activities is entirely up to you. Remember to check in for the day at the first activity, and we will inform you further and make a proposal for the program for your day.

Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00
Height requirement: Minimum 100cm.
Season 2024: 1 July – 15 August.

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We recommend

Combine this activity with a homemade pizza!

The activities that are included

With this Adventure pass, you can try different activities

The climbing park on Evje offers exciting climbing routes for young and old.

A session in the climbing park starts every half hour between 11:00 and 16:00 and you have three hours at your disposal to get through the various obstacles, trails and zip lines in the trees!

On the climbing trail, you will encounter various challenges in trees and poles.

You don’t need to have previous climbing experience – it will be fun anyway!

All participants receive safety training and a practical review before the climbing starts, so that you are well prepared regardless of whether you have previous experience or not.

do you want to know more? Read more about the activity here!

A Pumptrack course is one with a series of cool jumps and turns. The purpose is for you to “pump” your way around the track instead of pedaling your bike.

Here at TrollAktiv, we have both MTB bikes and Pumptrack bikes. Pumptrack bikes can be recognized by the fact that they are often smaller in size and the seat is further down

For this activity, you must use PumpTrack bicycles and not MTB.

This activity is open from 10am to 4pm.

We are happy to present our new product at TrollAktiv Evje for 2024 – Tube Slide!

This exciting offer is perfect for children and families who want a fun and action-packed experience. Let your children experience the thrill of jumping down the hill on our specially designed tubes, while you as a family create unforgettable memories together. Come and join the fun at TrollAktiv Evje with Tube Slide!

More information coming soon!

This is a new product for 2023.

Adventure golf is like a real golf course in miniature with bunkers, fairways and rough. Lots of fun and challenge, you win by hitting under par.

Challenge your family or partner and see who has the best golf skills!

This activity is open from: 10am-4pm.

Get out of your comfort zone, or challenge others in your family!

This is the ultimate thrill, jumping from the tower platforms into a giant airbag. This new product has 2 platforms at different heights to test your nerve.

Parents get your cameras ready for some great action shots!

Right next to Bag Jump, we have opened up one of our old activities, namely “the cave”

Here you have the opportunity to crawl around and explore various passages and see what is hiding.

See photos of the “cave” in the gallery.

Our Bag Jump activity is open from: 14-16.

At TrollAktiv Evje you can now try our hand at our fantastic Frisbee golf course!

Bring your friends and family and explore the beautiful nature while competing to throw the Frisbee into the baskets with the fewest throws possible. Frisbee golf is a fun and challenging activity suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Come and enjoy a day of outdoor activities and fun at TrollAktiv Evje with our exciting frisbee golf course!

The equipment we use

Everyone who has an Adventure pass Evje must use the safety equipment that is distributed.


The Adventure Pass lasts all day from 10:00 – 16:00.

During these hours, you have the opportunity to try the 6 different activities.

The climbing park is probably the activity that takes the longest.

But you completely control how you want to manage your time.

All visitors are encouraged to bring:

  • Suitable shoes, preferably tight shoes. Sandals are not allowed.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Hair tie if you have long hair.

Beyond this, you do not need to bring your own equipment. All visitors get everything they need.

There is no age limit for the Adventure pass.

For the sake of the individual’s safety, we still have to have some guidelines for height and weight. This is to be sure that the equipment works optimally and that each individual is completely safe during the climb.

Height: Everyone who wants to climb must be over 100 cm
Weight: Everyone who wants to climb must be under 120 kg
100cm – 2 tracks
120cm – 4 tracks
140cm – 7 tracks

Trollaktiv Evje is centrally located in the middle of Southern Norway. You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Adresse: Syrtveit 4, 4735 Evje. See locations here on  Google Maps

There are good parking options at TrollAktiv. We offer free parking for all visitors to the climbing park.