Wilderness spa

Wilderness spa includes a wood fired hot tub and a sauna.

Add some luxury to your stay at TrollAktiv and enjoy our Sauna/hot tub experience overlooking our wilderness area. A great evening activity or finish to a raft trip. It is also a fantastic addition to a teambuilding workshop. After warming up in the spa take a dip in the lake to cool down is a truly unique experience.

TrollSpa is also a great solution when visiting TrollAktiv in the winter months or colder season to warm up after activities.

Time: TrollSpa can be booked online for one hour slots

Season: TrollSpa is all season  activity.

Sauna: There is space for 8 persons and is powered by green electricity from the sun and hydropower.

Hot tub: There is space for 8 persons and is run by fire wood from our local surroundings.

Book TrollSpa to take your TrollAktiv experience to the next level.


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