TrollAktiv and Viltgården are teaming up with a new safari tour from season 2024

The tour starts at TrollAktiv and winds its way up the wooded hills above Evje to the impressive Viltgården.

Join us on an evening moose safari where you will learn how these impressive animals live and also explore the beaver’s natural habitat.

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Combine this activity with a homemade pizza!

The moose upclose

The moose, the majestic king of the forest, is an impressive animal that thrives in the northern forests and mountain areas of Norway.

With its powerful antlers and large body, the moose radiates strength and calmness. These herbivores feed mainly on bark, shoots, and leaves, and they thrive in varied habitats, from wooded areas to wetlands. The elk calves, born in the spring, grow quickly and eventually become as impressive as the adults. Moose are also a common sight along the roads, especially at dusk, and it is important for motorists to be aware of these majestic creatures. The moose is not only a symbol of Norwegian nature, but also an important part of the country’s rich ecosystem.

Bring warm and waterproof outdoor clothes and good hiking shoes.

We drive for 20 minutes in our 9-seater electric Toyotas up to Viltgarden for our first meeting with the king of the forest. At Viltgården you learn about the habitat and life of the moose and the industrious beaver. You will also be served a tasty snack next to the fireplace.

After Viltgarden, we continue our journey through Norwegian nature in search of wild moose and beaver along narrow country roads.

This product is offered in collaboration with Viltgarden:


It is a good idea to bring good outdoor shoes. Shoes that can withstand some water.

It is possible to bring children with you. What you have to be aware of is that this safari takes place a little late in the evening. In order for the children to participate, it is good that they can stay awake during the tour.


Evje Klatrepark is centrally located in the middle of Southern Norway. You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Adresse: Syrtveit 4, 4735 Evje. See the locations on Google Maps


There are good parking options at TrollAktiv. We offer free parking for all visitors.