The Mountain bike park and pump track are located adjacent to TrollAktiv. It is possible to rent mountain bikes, BMX, Dirt bikes and Scooters from our bike rental store.


Remember if you book online you will save kr. 30,- per bike.

We recommend

Trying our amazing home made pizza!


Trekk Marlin 7

Marlin 7 is where race-worthy mountain bikes begin. The smooth, lightweight RockShox fork and upgraded parts make this model the best choice for new riders who want a great cross country hardtail that will hold its own against our higher-end race bikes.


The “pump track” activity is a new form of structure where riders use an up and down “pump” movement to propel the bike forward rather than peddling.  The pump track is in the lower area of the bike park and is popular with skaters and BMX bike riders. 

A fun family bike park with different courses that take about 20 minutes to do one course.