• Safety at TrollAktiv

    Safety has always been an important foundation at TrollAktiv and we have built our reputation for taking the safety of our guests very seriously.

    TrollAktiv are an industry leader in developing safety systems for outdoor activities and in 2016 we were the first Norwegian outdoor activity provider to be recognised with the Adventure Mark certification.

    The Adventure mark covers all aspects of the daily operation including; Staff vetting, staff training, equipment safety, safety of vehicles and the accommodation, safety procedures for the activities, first aid training for employees, insurance and quality control measures.  Norway has no comparable system and many suppliers of School class and family trips have no quality control system in place, therefore it is important you always check that your activity provider has the highest standards.  

    First aid training.

    When working with groups of young people in the outdoors we know that bumps and bruises can happen.  Our job is to always have trained personnel and equipment to deal with all the small stuff that can occur.  We also train our staff each year to deal with more serious issues and TrollAktiv is a provider of Wilderness First Aid courses.  Every instructor has to hold a valid First aid certificate and we regularly run practice drills with various scenarios.  In our experience personal medical issues are a far bigger risk than accidents that may occur on an activity.  Therefore we take special care to train our staff in dealing with serious medical emergencies.

    TrollAktiv has an AED  (Heart starter) onsite and several of our staff have higher level first responder qualifications.  The local ambulance service is close-by and we have local doctors on call seven days a week.   Always check that your activity provider has staff with valid first aid certificates and the appropriate medical equipment on each activity.

    Insurance and inspections.

    TrollAktiv is fully insured for all our activities.  As well as insurance we are annually controlled by the the Fire and Health authorities.  We recommend all our guests to have their own personal Travel insurance when visiting TrollAktiv.  Our zip lines and Quick Jump is annually inspected by an independent ERCA inspector and the State Railway Authorities.  


    The management team at TrollAktiv are all professional outdoor instructors and guides.  We have over 30 years of outdoor and hospitality industry experience.  Our summer season extends from April until November and we therefore have chosen to employ professional instructors many from many countries around the world.   We get a lot of very positive response directed at our staff.  Words such as “motivational, enthusiastic and safety conscious are regularly feedback we receive.

    English is the common working language at TrollAktiv and many of our school groups enjoy the opportunity to practice their school English by chatting with our friendly staff. School class trips to TrollAktiv are more than outdoor adventures we offer the opportunity for language skills as well.

    Qualifications and training.

    TrollAktiv run regular first aid, white water rescue and rescue from height training for our staff.   We employ instructors with qualifications such as the International Rafting Federation, Wilderness and Remote First Aid and Whitewater Rescue Training with Rescue 3.

    TrollAktiv is also an ERCA (Eurpopean Ropes Course Association) member.   The senior Management at TrollAktiv hold a wide range of top level qualifications such as; Mountain Instructors award, European Mountain Safety award, Rescue 3 Instructor, ISIA qualified Ski Teacher, Wilderness First Aid instructor.


    We ensure we use equipment which meets international and European Union standards.  Our equipment is all regularly checked for serviceability and we have systems in place to ensure our equipment maintains the highest standards.  TrollAktiv also have a qualified Personal Protection Equipment inspector as part of the management team.

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