Explore the coast along Tromøya with English giga rowing boats!

TrollPark Hove offers idyllic coastal trips in these very special rowing boats. You get training in how to handle the boat, while at the same time you get a unique nature experience. .

As an activity alone, or in combination with coasteering, this activity is perfect for team building.

Save money online

Remember you save 30,- NOK per person by booking online!

We recommend

Set aside the whole day for a visit with us.

And end the day with an ice cream!


This type of rowing boat was originally used as a work boat. It was used to transport the captain and crew out to incoming vessels in the Atlantic. The boats were in a way used for a kind of race to see who could transport the captain and his crew the fastest – the big winner of the race was the first gigaboat to reach the ship, which got the “job” approved – and hence the payment.

The equipment we use

All participants must use the safety equipment that is distributed. More information will come later!