We offer youth trips to the coast of southern Norway

TrollAktiv is Norway’s leading supplier of active, exciting and fun outdoor experiences.

The students get comfortable and safe accommodation with full board in the same area as the activities.

The class trip to TrollAktiv Hove gives you all a fulfilling and memorable experience.

Adding the class trip to TrollAktiv provides a full-fledged and memorable experience!

Youth trips:

Plan your scout or youth trip to the coast of Norway, Arendal

We offer

  • Exciting and challenging activities.
  • Good facilities for evening activities – not a moment of boredom!
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation in Hove camp centre.
  • 1 free leader per 15 pupils.
  • Full board or optional level of catering.
  • Experiences with a focus on mastery, challenge and learning.
  • Complete package offers with everything you need
  • Tailor made package.

Our packages

We offer various package tours where you choose the number of days, group activities and level of catering. The packages can also be adapted specifically to each individual group.

Anbefalt pakketur: Vi vil anbefale vår mest populære pakketur med 2 overnattinger og 4 aktiviteter:

14:00 – 15:00 briefing / innsjekk

15:00-18:00: Coasteering

Kl 18:00-19:00: Middag og dessert

Kl 08:00-09:00: Frokost og smøring av nistepakke

Kl 10:00-13:00: Klatrepark

Kl 13:00-14:00: Lunsj

Kl 14:00-17:00: Lazer Tag

Kl 18:00-19:00: Middag og dessert

08:00 – 09:00: Frokost og smøring av nistepakke

09:00 – 10:00: Utvask / Utsjekk

10:00 – 13:00 Escaperoom


We facilitate exciting outdoor group activities on the youth

All of TrollAktiv’s activities are of high quality. Our main focus is safety, and is always carried out together with one or more certified and professional instructors from TrollAktiv.

The activities last between 2 and 4 hours, and take place in the immediate vicinity of the centre. In addition to the organized group activities, we offer free activities in the evening.


Fully catered or self catering options.

We offer healthy, home-cooked meals at the centre. It is up to you how much you want help with.

Choose between:

Full catering: You get breakfast from us, and a packed lunch for lunch. Dinner with dessert is served in the evening. Drinks are included in the meals.

Self-catering: You use one of our fully equipped guest kitchens and prepare the food yourself.

Semi-catered: You combine options 1 and 2. You can, for example, pay for breakfast and packed lunches yourself, but have dinner with dessert served by us.


We have excellent accommodations on the center's premises.

The students live safely and comfortably. We divide the accommodation into three standards; tent, cabin, or apartment.

Hove Leirsenter offers accommodation in houses and cabins, as well as space for tents, caravans, and motorhomes. They also provide catering and bed linen rental. Cleaning of houses and cabins is included in the rental price. The 4-bed rooms come with duvets and pillows, but guests must bring their own duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases, or alternatively a sleeping bag, sheets, and pillowcases. Guests should bring their own towels for showering. Bed linen and towels can be rented for NOK 150 per set.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome classes and schools from all over the country. There are many ways to get to TrollAktiv, some take the bus, others rent a bus, while some prefer to drive themselves.

We have extensive experience in planning trips to TrollAktiv and are happy to help you find the best route and mode of transportation.

Learn more about traveling to TrollAktiv.

Plan driving directions in Google Maps.
Safety has always been an important topic at TrollAktiv. During class trips, students stay safe and secure on the center’s premises and activities are done with professional instructors. We provide a safe and positive experience for all visitors to our center.

At TrollAktiv, we have clear and effective safety protocols, as well as a dedicated school trip area that provides everything you need to know about your class trip.

(Applies to all bookings over NOK 10,000,-)
5% booking fee. Non-refundable in case of cancellation.
30% deposit January the same year as the trip takes place.
55% 1 month before arrival.
10% final invoice. After the stay has ended.

Cancellation policy in case of cancellation:
8 weeks’ notice: 30% of total price (deposit)
2 weeks’ notice: 40% of total price.
Less than 2 weeks: 90% of package price. Only valid with a medical certificate.

It is very helpful if you have the following ready before arrival:

  • Self-declaration forms
  • Accommodation responsibility and fire forms
  • Cottage allocation ready
How many girls, boys, ladies, and gentlemen will participate? Remember to choose the same activities as a class. If there are any who do not want rafting, they will be offered mountain biking. Arrival time. Do you want full board? This can, of course, be changed along the way, but it helps us tremendously to get this information in place as soon as possible.
We arrange room assignments based on gender, and you distribute the students in the cabins. Everyone must bring a sheet, sleeping bag, and pillow. We have 4 units with kitchens and bathrooms, these 4 units have a total of 32 beds and require a minimum of 1 adult per unit. The other cabins are equipped with refrigerators and cooktops, as well as the necessary kitchen utensils.
There is a possibility that the setup for the activities may change. Weather can also sometimes be a triggering factor in determining what activities can be carried out.
We suggest arriving at TrollAktiv at least an hour before the first activity begins, which is typically scheduled for 3:00 PM. Check-in for accommodations is available after 2:00 PM, and if you arrive earlier in the day, we have a luggage storage area.
All participants must bring a sleeping bag, sheet, and pillow. It’s also wise to bring a water bottle and lunchbox. Please remember to bring indoor shoes or slippers.
Upon arrival, you will be greeted and given a briefing. After that, you will receive keys to your room/cabin and have time to settle in and unpack. Please note that the above procedure may not apply, such as in the case of late arrival.
Their first meal will be dinner with dessert. If you arrive early in the day, we recommend bringing your own packed lunch. Last dinner serving is at 7:00 PM.
All rooms must be cleaned and ready for inspection before keys are delivered by 10:00AM. You can find more details about the cleaning requirements in the welcome package you will receive upon arrival, or you can request the list to be sent to you. We will provide luggage storage.
TrollAktiv does its best to ensure a good standard of accommodation and stay. We need your help to prevent damage. When the key is signed for, it is your responsibility to ensure that the cabins are taken care of and that no unnecessary damage is caused. Upon arrival, you have 1 hour to inspect cabins, rooms, and sanitary facilities to check that everything is okay. If it is not okay, you must give immediate feedback to us, so that you will not be financially charged at checkout. We greatly appreciate your help in keeping the center in good condition.

I de aller fleste tilfeller vil dette være fra TrollAktiv. Om dere bor på Neset Camping og dere har en siste morgenaktivitet, vil vi hente dere på morgenen sammen med bagasjen og vil derfor be dere om å avtale henting fra TrollAktiv.

Ved frokost smører dere selv nistepakke og fyller termosen/drikkeflasken etterfulgt av middag med dessert på kvelden. Husk termos/drikkeflaske og nisteboks. Skulle dere likevel ønske å lage deres egen mat, vil dere få tildelt et gjestekjøkken under oppholdet. Det er da deres ansvar å holde dette hygienisk og rent.

Det skal være ro kl 23:00. Det til hensyn/sikkerhet for dere selv i forhold til aktivitetene dere skal ut på neste dag, samt andre gjester og vertsfamilien som bor på stedet.

Alle må rengjøre etter endt opphold. Gjelder også for de som bor på Neset Camping. Dette inkl rydding av søppel i og utenfor hyttene og rundt oppholdsstedet. Spør oss gjerne hvor avfall stasjonen er på plassen. Dersom dere ønsker kan dere bestille rengjøring fra kr 300,- pr hytte og kr 1000,- pr hus/leilighet.

Hos TrollAktiv har vi kode på rengjøringsmidlene våre. 

Blå = all rengjøring eks flater, speil 

Orange = bad, dusj, vask og toalett.

Grønn= gulv

Spør oss når påfyll av flaskene trengs.

Ring: 37 93 11 77

Vi har avfallsstasjoner ute på området. Stasjoner for pant, plast, papp, glass/ metall og restavfall. Spør oss gjerne hvor dere kan kaste dette. 

Dusj. Det koster kr 10,- for 3 min varmt vann.

Paintball kr. 100,-

Våtsko leie kr. 30,- pr par, Håndkle kr. 30,-

BMX sykkel/Scooter kr. 250,- 

Leie av våtsko 

Til vannaktiviteter. Det er mulig å leie våtsko (neoprene sokk) for kr 30,- pr vann aktivitet. Hvis dere ikke ønsker å leie disse er det lurt å ta med et par gamle joggesko som brukes til vannaktivitetene.

Last ned hele pakkelisten her:


Alle gjenstander som blir funnet i TrollAktiv blir registrert med dato når de er levert inn, og oppbevares i resepsjon. Alle verdigjenstander blir levert til politiet i Evje en gang årlig, ca. 15. november. Alt annet hittegods blir oppbevart hos oss i 14 dager. Deretter blir det hentet og sortert. Verdiløse ting blir kastet. Klær, sko, leker etc. blir samlet opp og sendt til barnehjem (som oftest i Brasil).

*Vi har ikke kapasitet å sendepakke.

TrollAktiv ligger sentralt på Sørlandet, 5 km fra Evje i naturskjønne Setesdalen.

Du finner oss omtrent en time fra Kristiansand og Arendal.

Adresse: Syrtveit 4, 4735 Evje.

Se veibeskrivelse i Google Maps