TrollPark Hove has a wide range of packages for meetings, family days out and team building events.

Trips with lunch and an activity are a favorite for business groups. Are you in the planning phase of a new and exciting project or would like to get to know your colleagues better?

TrollAktiv Hove has a good selection of activities to choose between.

Contact us for a tailor-made trip which may include, meals, accommodation, transport, and activities.

TrollAktiv Hove also arranges family days or evenings out for all ages with a selection of meal options.


Company trip to TrollPark Hove is an excellent opportunity to challenge each other outside the workplace. The climbing park is a fun, challenging and exciting activity.

  • All activities take place in the immediate vicinity of the center, reducing emissions and costs.
  • Professional and qualified personnel.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Develop mutual respect and acceptance through group activities which in turn will reflect the work environment.
  • Nature and environmental learning are facilitated through the activities.
  • Shared experiences and lasting memories.


Make it easy! life the high life or take a maritime journey.

Book team building up in the trees and enjoy a barbecue once you are back on the ground.

Paddle or row out to Merdø or Gjessøya and enjoy a picnic on the beach.

Enjoy an 3-course meal at either Raet Camping or Arendal Herregård.

Partner Accommodation

Options close to our location

Looking for somewhere to stay try Arendal Herregård og Hove leirsenter.   

Close to the park, the Herregård offers first-class food, comfortable rooms, and a relaxing Spa experience.

Get in contact if you are interested in other options in the Arendal.