Experience the stunning nature of the Norwegian Skerries by taking part in a Coasteering trip.

This relative new activity explores the small islands and shallow waters surrounding them. Coasteering is active and educational. Swim, jump, laugh, climb and explore are all key elements in a Coasteering trip. The trips suit all ages and run from early Spring to late Autumn.

Coasteering gives an opportunity for personal challenge and our instructors will ensure the trip stays safe but at the same time allows participants to test their own comfort zone.  We believe in a team effort with everyone being included in the activity.  

During the activity our instructors will teach various techniques such as; Defensive swimming, group swimming techniques, traversing, rock climbing and jumping into the sea from various heights.  All safety equipment is provided so the experience will be comfortable and safe. 

Coasteering is an ideal summer activity for families, youth groups, sports teams and birthday parties.

Save money online

Remember you save 30,- NOK per person by booking online!

We recommend

Set aside the whole day for a visit with us.

And end the day with an ice cream!

The equipment we use

All participants must use the safety equipment that is distributed.


  • CE approved life jacket
  • 6mm wet suit
  • Gloves
  • Wet shoes
  • Helmet

National Coasteering Charter