Sea Kayaking

Guided tours in the beautiful Skerries of Southern Norway. TrollAktiv offers two venues for guided Sea kayaking. Kristiansand and Arendal

The Kristiansand tour begins at the Guest harbor, very close to the city center and only a short walk from the fish market.  The Arendal trip starts at our base in Hove Leir on the island of Tromøy. On both trips our guests are given the necessary equipment and clothing before a review of kayaking safety. The guide will then demonstrate paddling techniques and give you time to practice before we paddle away. The kayak trips follow the coastline and visit points of interest on small islands on route. The direction of the trip will always depend upon the weather conditions. On the route, the guide will explain some local history and point out various wildlife and other sights. We will pass beautiful sandy bays, dramatic sea cliffs and, not least, see the local lighthouses. 

On the Kristiansand trip we paddle past the Art museum and the Kilden concert with its impressive architecture. The last part of the tour goes through Fiskebrygga, the famous fish market and its excellent restaurants. Before returning to the Guest Harbor, we paddle past Kongebrygga, which is reserved for the King of Norways yacht. This is a beautiful and historic journey that takes you to some of the highlights of the Odderøya archipelago.

On the Arendal tour we paddle from a beautiful sandy beach south west towards the famous island of Merdø. On route, we will encounter stunning scenery and sheltered paddling in a well-protected fjord. Merdø is renowned for its traditional wooden houses and narrow paths.  The island is also part of the Raet national park.  We will take a break on the island to allow you to explore. On the return route, you will see the two lighthouses of Little and Big Torungen.  This trip is highly recommended if you want to experience the peaceful and beautiful Skerries.


Trip Lengths approx: 6 km

Time: 2 – 3 hours

Equipment you get: Kayak (double), spraydecks, paddle paddles, a bag to keep any clothes and things dry.

Group equipment: First aid kit, mobile phone, and emergency flares

Previous experiences: This trip is very suitable for beginners.  Sea kayaking can feel strenuous as it involves paddling on the sea for 2 to 3 hours. Prerequisites are that you must be able to swim, and have good physical health.

Max weight: 70 – 100kg

Min age: 12 years

Equipment you need to bring: Sneakers, swimwear, wool underwear, and a towel. (extra warm clothes)