Pigeon shooting (laser)

Laser clay pigeon shooting is a fun interactive activity for company trips, families and friends.

Laser pigeon shooting uses sophisticated technology to give real-time live scoring on our scoreboard, this creates a great competitive environment and encourages improved technique.

The gun: Laser pigeon shooting uses converted shotguns so there is no live ammo, but has the real weight and design of a shotgun.

The games: We can create a variety of games with different scoring methods including. Each game lasts roughly 15 minutes.

We teach Real gun etiquette and safety and shooting techniques.

How long is the activity? 1 hour

How many players: We can have 5 competitors shooting at a time, so 10 pers maximum per session is ideal to avoid waiting.

Do we shoot real clays? This activity shoots plastic clays that are collected and reused making for a very environmentally friendly activity with no waste or sound pollution.

Where can we try this activity? This activity is based at TrollAktiv, Evje but can also be booked for events at TrollPark Hove, Arendal, or can even be booked for special events at hotels or for weddings and corporate events.

Book online or contact us for a bespoke event