A selection of fun team challenge activities that involve the whole team.

This package lasts about 3 hours, during which we set up the activities for you.

You will then have a 30-minute warm-up followed by four 40-minute problem solving sessions. It is entirely possible to run the activity as a competition where we end up with a winning team.

Learning, coping, life and stirring!

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We recommend

Set aside the whole day for a visit with us.

And end the day with an ice cream!

Why team building?

Through various activities, young people learn to understand the dynamics of group work, handle challenges together and build trust in each other.

Team building also creates a sense of community and cohesion among young participants. This is particularly valuable during adolescence, where social relationships play a major role in personal development. The activities can help break down barriers, create friendships and build a positive social environment.

Team building for young people also creates a space for learning through experience. Participants are challenged to solve problems, take initiative and be creative, which is valuable for their intellectual development.


  • Perform proven tasks with experienced instructors.
  • Evaluation.
  • All safety equipment.

All visitors are encouraged to bring:

  • Good trainers (sandals are not allowed)
  • Comfortable clothes, clothes according to the weather conditions.
  • Hair tie if you have long hair

Beyond this, you do not need to bring your own equipment. All visitors are given the necessary safety equipment.