Hove Climbing Park is a ideal adventure park for all ages.

The park is a combination of well-designed and cleverly constructed challenges, That include multiple zip-lines, ladders, nets, jumps and balance activities.

The climbing park consists of six different courses.  Each route has a different degree of difficulty and elevation  above the ground.  The easiest courses are the lowest to the ground.

This is a fun climbing park where you get several types of challenges high up in the trees. TrollPark Hove uses a continuous and modern safety system that ensures that you are secure all the way around. This makes it all very easy and safe.

We are located right in the middle of Hove Camp which is 15 minutes from Arendal, 30 minutes from Grimstad & 1 hour from Kristiansand.

Save money online

Remember you save 30,- NOK per person by booking online!

We recommend

Set aside the whole day for a visit with us.

And end the day with an ice cream!

Courses at Hove, Arendal

An exciting adventure park with 6 courses

There is no age restriction at TrollAktivs Tree top adventure park at Hove..

Due to the safety system and elements it is height we use to control safety and ensure a fun experience.

  • Height: Everyone over 110cm can climb
  • Weight: Anyone under 120 kg can climb

110 cm høy – 2 courses

140 cm høy – 4 courses

Adult and clid tickets

Price kr 280,- if you are 110 – 140 cm high.

Price kr 380,- if you are 140 cm high

Remember you save 30,- per person if you book online.

Safety Equipment

We at TrollAktiv take safety seriously, and ensure that your visit to the climbing park is as safe as possible.

The climbing park in Hove uses a continuous and modern safety system which ensures that you are safely secured all the way. You will be given safety equipment to be used for as long as you participate, and you will be attached to the cable with a safety harness at all times.

All our instructors have a valid first aid course, and we have the equipment and personnel to deal with all the little things that can happen. You can be sure that you will get the best help if an accident were to happen.

The climbing park is inspected annually by an independent ERCA inspector and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate.

  • Full body climbing harness
  • Helmet. Size from 48cm – 60cm Edelrid Ultralight (CE Approved)
    Carabiner hook that keeps you continuously connected to the wire
    Pulley for ziplines. King Evo (CE Approved)


Everyone that uses the climbing park must use the following equipment


There is nothing in the way of climbing in rainy weather.

We recommend clothes that are good to move in such as training clothes or light hiking clothes.

Sneakers or hiking boots are preferable. Sandals with open toes are not allowed. Clothes with cords are not recommended.

The climbing park and the online park are inspected annually and are quality assured through our routines and internal control. The park has been approved by the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate.

Our first priority is safety and we work continuously to improve and develop. We greatly appreciate any feedback after their visit with us.

Everyone who will use the climbing park must complete a mandatory safety course with one of our certified instructors.