The ski trip over the fjord quickly changes from idyll to hard work when the winter storm suddenly sweeps in over you. Your only recourse is to take shelter from the storm that whips around you. After much struggle, you finally manage to get away from the mountain and down into a remote valley...

Exhausted and cold, you tumble into the door of the forgotten cabin that lies alone in the valley. You are glad to have finally made it to safety. Here you are safe from the storm that rages up in the mountains, but NOT FROM THE DANGERS THAT THREATEN DOWN IN THE VALLEY.

When you start to look around inside the cabin, you discover that it doesn’t seem as uninhabited as you first thought. You also KNOW the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. You decide to leave the cabin, but discover that it is already too late. You have been trapped, and the hunter is hiding somewhere out there in the storm. The cabin is his trap and you are his prey.

Can you manage to get out of the cabin in one piece before it’s too late?

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