Treetop adventure

Evje Treetop Adventure Park is a fun and challenging treetop adventure park just 1 hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Get ready to balance, climb and zip between the treetops. Guaranteed fun for all ages!

At Evje High Ropes Park you will find a wide selection of climbing routes and exciting challenges. We use state-of-the-art safety systems and can promise you a safe and fun experience at a height!

We have 3 different courses. Those between 100cm and 120cm can have an hour of fun climbing on the low course.  If you are between 120 cm and 140cm you can test yourself on the low and the medium courses.  Over 140cm climb on the medium and the high courses.  

The low course is 2 meters above the ground aimed at small children from 100 cm to 120 cm in height.

The medium course 4 to 5 meters above the ground designed for children over 120 cm of height.

A higher course between 5 & 12 meters above the ground is for all over 140cm of height.  

The High Ropes Park is open all year round and offers climbing for both individuals and groups. You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Price 100 cm and 120 cm ticket

Price kr 280 for the 100 – 120 cm high park ticket. 

Save kr. 30,- per person when you book online

Price 140cm Ticket

Price kr 380 for the 140 cm high park ticket.

Save kr. 30,- per person when you book online

The climbing routes

The climbing park at Evje offers exciting climbing routes for young and old.  You will meet various challenging obstacles on your journey around our various courses.  


How long do you climb?

Most of our guests climb for around 2-3 hours.

What do I have to bring myself?

All visitors are encouraged to bring:

  • Training or jogging shoes (sandals not allowed)
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for being active
  • Hair tie if you have long hair

You do not need to bring your own harness and helmet. This is provided by us.

No previous climbing experience is necessary

A visit to Evje Climbing Park offers activities and fun challenges for all ages and skill levels. You do not need previous climbing experience to enjoy the course!

All participants receive safety training and a supervised practice before the climbing starts, so you are well prepared.

Food and drink in the climbing park

  • It is not allowed to eat / drink with safety equipment on.
  • The onsite restaurant is open in the high season
  • The cafe in reception is open all year.

Safety in the climbing park

We at TrollAktiv take safety very seriously and ensure that your visit to the climbing park will be a positive one.

The climbing park in Evje uses a continuous and modern safety system which means that you are safely secured throughout your journey.  With our continuous system you are always fastened to the safety system the entire time you are on the climbing park.

The climbing park is inspected annually by an independent ERCA inspector and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate.

Read more about security at TrollAktiv

Safety equipment

You will be given:

  • Full-body climbing harness (CE Approved)
  • Helmet. Size from 48cm – 60cm Edelrid Ultralight (CE Approved)
  • Carabiner hook that keeps you continuously connected to the wire (CE Approved)
  • Pulley for the zipline. King Evo (CE Approved)

Together, the equipment ensures that you are well secured and completely safe through your time on the climbing park.

Disclaimer / Terms and conditions

Read more about self-declaration/term and conditions here