Double sea kayak tours

Tour description.

The tour starts in the Guest harbour close to the town centre nestled between the Fort and a short walk from the Fish market.  Guests will be equipped with protective clothing and be given a safety talk and tour description before entering the water.  Once on the water, the guide will demonstrate paddle techniques and allow time for practice prior to beginning the trip.  The kayak tour circumnavigates historic Odderøy.  The direction of the trip will depend upon weather conditions.  On route, the guide will explain the history of the island and point out various points of interest.  On route, we pass three sandy bays, dramatic sea cliffs and the island’s lighthouse.  Further on we paddle past the renowned Art museum and Kilden concert house, Kristiansands equivalent to the better known Sydney Opera House.  The final section of the journey winds through the Fishermen’s jetties with the famous fish market and excellent restaurants.  Before returning to the Guest harbour we paddle past the Royal jetty which is reserved for the King of Norway.  This is a beautiful and historic journey that takes in the highlights of Kristiansand harbour and the bay. 

Length of tour:  4 km. 

Time: 3 hours.

Max weight: 110kg

Minimum age: 12 years

Equipment guests should take:  Jogging shoes, swimsuit, wool underclothes, towel. 

Photos are included from the trip free of charge.

Previous experience: The tour is suitable for beginners. Sea kayaking can be strenuous and involves paddling for 2 to 3 hours in open water. Participants should be able to swim and be in good physical health.