Winter Expeditions

TrollAktiv provide a full service to expedition groups operating in the Setesdal Highlands area.  

The Setesdal highlands are a superb area for back country ski expeditions with telemark or Randonee skis.  The hut system is extensive and has some of the finest huts in Norway.

TrollAktiv have all the equipment, accommodation and transport necessary to equip and support a group heading out into the back country for a ski expedition.  Guided tours are possible for groups that prefer not to lead themselves.   TrollAktiv have a mountain cabin at Ljosland that can also be rented by expedition groups. 

  • Services TrollAktiv can provide to Expedition groups.

      • Transport, airport transfers, drop offs and pick ups.
      • Accommodation in cabins.
      • Ski and snowshoe equipment.
      • Avalanche safety equipment.
      • Booking of cabins.
      • Instruction and guiding.
      • Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      • Private cabin rental.
      • Help with expedition planning.
  • Best time of year for ski or snowshoe expeditions.

    • January to April
  • In country contact

    Simon Hansen

    English groups manager

    Simon heads up our english groups multi-activity packages and is also in charge of safety. Simon has a wealth of experience delivering activities and is a qualified Rescue 3 instructor and first aid instructor.