Wilderness First Aid- WFA : 16-24 hours (2-3 days)

  • Wilderness First Aid- WFA : 16-24 hours (2-3 days)

    This course focus’ on good basic life support techniques as well as environmental issues that arise in the wilderness. The class is mostly hands-on skills with the use of scenarios and labs.

    Examples of some of the skills learned and practised are: improvised splinting, wound cleaning, spine injury assessment and clearing protocols, heat and cold issues, near drowning, allergies, asthma and other common medical problems.

    This course includes CPR certification and meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/First Aid training needs.

    21-22 September 2019 (Lærdal)

    9-10 November 2019 (Evje)

    Price: Kr 2500,- PP

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    Course Programme Day 1

    • What is Wilderness Medicine
    • Medical Legal Overview
    • Patient Assessment System (PAS) /Scene Survey
    • PAS/Primary Survey
    • Specific exploration of the Circulatory System
    • Hands on practice for checking for pulse, controlling
    bleeding, CPR
    • Specific exploration of Respiratory System
    • Hands on practice establishing an airway/airway
    • Specific exploration of Nervous System
    • Evaluating Level of Consciousness and Maintaining
    Spine stability
    • Basic Life Support Lab / AED’s/ CPR testing
    • S.T.O.P
    • Trauma Scenarios (Nervous System injuries/ Increased
    ICP, Concussion, Head wounds, Respiratory injuries/
    Respiratory distress, Circulatory Injuries/ Volume
    • Spine Assessment and Lab
    • Spine Management Lab/ Moving spine injured patients,
    back-boarding, litters

    Course Programme Day 2

    Traumatic Injuries Cont./Environmental/Introduction to
    • Patient Assessment System (PAS) Part 2
    • Hands on field exercises/ Two on One Patient
    • Stable and Unstable Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • 1:1 Splinting Lab
    • Dislocations Lab
    • Wounds Lab/ Includes irrigation, punctured objects and
    fish hook removal
    • Wounds, Infections, Burns
    • Environmental Mini Scenarios (Hypothermia, Heat
    Problems, Drowning, Toxins, Bites and Stings,
    • Lightning Drill
    • Scenarios: 2 rotations
    • Mini Medical Scenarios (Gastrointestinal problems,
    Genitourinary System, Diabetes, Asthma, Heart
    problems, Stroke,
    • Big group scenario
    • Wilderness First Aid Kits
    • Course Closure and Paperwork
    • Hands on field exercises/ Two on One Patient
    Assessment : 3 Rotations
    • Course Closure and Paperwork