TrollPASS mega 3 hours

  • TrollPASS mega

    Take part in all these four exciting activities: climbing wall, zipline, BMX track and The cave.

    This is the ultimate 3 hour TrollAktiv experience. Four different activities to be mastered speeding around the BMX track, squeezing through the cave, flying high and climbing steep. This package offers a challenge for everyone in family.

    Add QuickJUMP 12 meter freefall experience to your TrollPASS for just Kr 150,- extra at

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    How long?

    • 3 hours

    When can I do it?

    • Runs from the 16th June to the 13th of August.
    • Starts everyday at 11:00 and last start time is 16:00

    Can I try?

    • 6 years +
    • Under 130 kg
    • A sense of adventure

    What do you need to bring?

    • Good fitting shoes

    Top Tips: