Summer Expeditions

Plan an expedition to Norway with TrollAktiv and explore the mountains and fjords of Norway by canoe, Mountain bike or on foot.

Over the past 25 years we have developed the Outdoor activity center with school classes and youth groups in focus. The centre is an ideal start and finish point for expeditions in the river and mountains of Southern Norway. Expeditions on foot, trekking in the Setesdal highlands can be combined with open canadian canoe trips on the lakes or rivers in the Setesdal valley.

Trips can include accommodation in mountain huts or camping using tents. Norway has no trespass laws, allowing free access to all wilderness areas.  Groups must however respect nature and abide by a simple set of rules for trekking and camping in wilderness areas.

  • Summer expeditions

    If you select TrollAktiv for your DofE, scout or school expedition to Norway you will take advantage of our long in country experience and intimate local knowledge.

    We can help you plan challenging expeditions for scout groups, DofE groups and school groups. Expeditions can include adventurous activities such as Rafting, Rock climbing, canoeing or mountain biking.


    We can help you plan your scout or school expedition in South Norway.  Together we can create the itinerary that best works for your group.

    • Sample itinerary; Combined Trek and canoe expedition

        • Day 1: Fly into Kristiansand, Kjevik. Transport to TrollAktiv and settle in.
        • Day 2: Familiarisation day with a day trek in the local area and explore the TrollAktiv base in Evje.
        • Day 3 & 4: Setesdal highland trek and wild camping on route.
        • Day 5 & 6: Canoe down Byglandsfjord lake with wild camping on route.
        • Day 6: Arrive back at TrollAktiv and an afternoon white water rafting trip.
        • Day 7: Departure day, pack ready for transport to airport.
    • Accommodation

      We have a great wilderness camp with traditional lavvos (teepees) or you can chose our cabins, depending on your budget.


      Our cabins have kitchens, living room and bunk beds.


      Teepees come with a wooden floor and a fully catered kitchen and social area for use.

      • Whats included

        Depending on your budget we can tailor the trip to your needs, but here are the basics of whats included in an expedition trip to Norway.

          • Trip leader and guide for expedition
          • Safety support from TrollAktiv
          • Transport from local airport in Kristiansand
          • Trip guide included for all in country needs
          • Tents, canoes and maps for expedition
          • All in country transportation
          • Meals at TrollAktiv if required
          • Additional activities such as rafting etc.
      • In country contact

        Simon Hansen

        English groups manager

        Simon heads up our english groups multi-activity packages and is also in charge of safety. Simon has a wealth of experience delivering activities and is a qualified Rescue 3 instructor and first aid instructor.