Kayak course

  • We have 3 hour, 1 or 2 day white water kayak courses available all summer long

    A kayak course is a very rewarding activity, we focus on high quality learning, which maximise enjoyment and development of technique.  Kayak courses usually run over weekends but we will run courses for small groups at anytime during the summer holidays.  We have all the equipment necessary and some very experienced instructors.

    Contact us about a kayak course and availability.

    What is white-water kayaking?

    • Paddling a closed cockpit kayak with a spraydeck
    • River running and play boating on short sections of river.

    Is it safe?

    Our guides come from all around the world and offer first class instruction. Trollaktiv puts a special emphasis on staff training.  We aim to ensure you have a quality, fun and safe activity.

    Sample programme:

    Day 1 kayak courseDay 2 kayak course
    • Capsize drill
    • Paddling forwards and backwards
    • Turning the kayak
    • Edging the kayak
    • T-rescues
    • First experience at paddling the rapids
    • River kayak techniques
    • Technique improvement
    • River safety
    • River turns
    • Grade 2+ rapids
    • Wave trains
    • Put those skills into action!

    What is provided:

    • Wetsuit
    • Life jacket, spray deck and helmet
    • Kayak and paddle
    • Transport

    What you need to bring:

    • Old footwear for the river (wet shoe rental available)
    • Thermals for under wetsuit
    • A spare change of clothes
    • Food and drink

    Contact us to find out when the next white water kayak course is available or alternatively check out stand up paddling

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