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Family Holidays

30 years delivering adventure holidays in Southern Norway

TrollAktiv is the ideal location for family trips or reunions


TrollAktiv is an ideal place for family gatherings.

TrollAktiv has the best selection of activities designed for the whole family, we include all ages and all levels.

We can deliver exciting and adrenaline-filled activities along with family friendly slower paced nature based experiences.

If you are planning a multi-day stay, we will create a package for you that includes accommodation and activities at the best possible price.

Combine a trip with us to Kristiansand Dyreparken or visit our sister location


  • All activities take place in the immediate vicinity of the center, reducing emissions and costs.
  • Includes some free evening activities.
  • Professional and qualified staff.
  • Great package prices
  • Suitable for families.


Pick the standard to suit your budget and needs.

Standard 1: Teepee/Lavvo or camping 

Standard 2: Camping cabins with 4 – 8 beds includes kitchens and a living area

Standard 3: Modern apartments and cabins with full kitchen, bathroom and living rooms.

facilities on-site

We have three large multi-purpose buildings and a reception which sells essential items and food and drink.

Try the Pizza restaurant for the best handmade pizza in Southern Norway. 

We have a number of free activities such as; Volleyball, trampoline park, basketball, table tennis, pickleball, 2 climbing / bouldering walls, slack lines.

Bike park, pump-track track, Sports simulator, adventure golf and the hot tub and sauna are all available at extra cost!