• If you feel have any symptoms, please cancel, and arrange a new date.
  • All our staff are super friendly and are here to help. To reduce the spread of virus and to protect you and our employees, however, we can only help from a distance. This may take a little more time, so we thank you for your patience. It is a great help to us that they from the same household / cohort help each other to put on the equipment.
  • It is important that you wash your hands before and after the activities.
  • We prefer online payment or contactless payment at the reception.
  • Keep 2 meters away from our employees or other guests visiting TrollAktiv
  • Wear a face mask when indoors / on transport.
  • We will try to minimize the number of people in areas such as toilets and changing facilities.
  • If there are already people using the facility, you can ask one of our employees where similar facilities are located.
  • All facilities/equipment are disinfected regularly.
  • If you rent a cabin with us, we recommend that you change inside your cabin.
  • Our restaurant, activities and kiosk have put extra focus on cleaning and hygiene. Most of the activities run as normal and are, where necessary, cleaned / disinfected between each guest.
  • All our activities have updated risk assessments to comply with the Government’s and NHO

recommendations regarding infection control rules.

  • All activities we offer are outdoors and in open areas. We cannot think of a better place to be in these times.
  • Kiosk/reception has a max capacity of 5 persons at a time.


Class trip:

  • If you want a copy of our approved infection control plan, we can send it directly to the school.
  • TrollAktiv is closely monitoring the situation around COVID-19. We follow the recommendations of the government and NHO
  • We encourage all our guests to follow the National Institute of Public Health’s protocol recommendations, be careful with hygiene by washing your hands and using antibac.
  • Guests who show symptoms of illness or having been abroad recently will not have the opportunity to visit TrollAktiv
  • Mealtimes will be split so only one group is in the dining room at a time.
  • We advise that your group does not engage with other school classes and keeps to themselves.
  • Your school must follow the rules from your Kommune. This may affect the activities we can offer to you.

The situation is dynamic, thus expect the possibility of TrollAktiv being dynamic which could result to last minute changes to your programme. We will try our best to avoid this, but the health of our guests and employees is our top priority.

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