Booking Activities

  • White Water Rafting

    Trips 11:00 og 15:00 everyday

    During the summer season we run exciting half-day rafting trips, twice a day, every day, all summer long.  Our experienced instructors will  guide your raft on an action packed journey down grade 3 and grade 4 rapids.
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  • Family Rafting

    Trips 11:30 and 14:30 everyday.

    ​You will then enjoy the paddle down with the guide entertaining you along the way. As the trip nears its end you will experience bouncy waves trains, surfing of the rafts and rafting games.
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  • TrollPASS mega

    Starts every hour from 11:00 to 16:00 everyday

    This is a great adventure with four very different activities. There is something for everyone. The cave, zipline, BMX and rock climbing.

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TrollPass + Rafting

TrollPASS + rafting a great full action packed day out.
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  • Legg til QuickJUMP

    Why not add quickJUMP our great free fall experience to your TrollPASS for just 150,- extra.

  • TrollPASS mini

    Choose your favourite 2 adventures and have a blast. Select from: The cave, BMX, Rock climbing or zipline.

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  • Paintball

    Paintball is an action packed activity on our paintball zone
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  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

    TrollAktiv has beautiful rivers to SUP down and we take full advantage of it all year. Great for the whole family.
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  • Escaperoom

    You will achieve this by completing puzzles and mind challenges to piece together clues which will reveal the code to open the safe.
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  • Lazer Tag

    Lazer Tag, is the same as paintball, but with lazer guns outdoors. Great fun for everyone.
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