Adventure golf

Get the family or a group of friends together for our 9-hole adventure golf course experience.

What is Adventure Golf?

Adventure Golf differs from miniature golf, including course layout, game play and strategy. One of the key differences is the way we layout our holes, we tend to stay away from man-made obstacles placed on the course and instead, we use the holes themselves to create dips, dives, whirls, and berms.


  1. Play at your own risk. Please use caution. Turf can be slippery when wet on slopes.
  2. Suspend play and take shelter under adverse weather conditions.
  3. No groups larger than six.
  4. Six stroke limit per hole.
  5. When putting do not swing the putter higher than knee height
  6. Replace out of bounds ball where it went out. Take one-stroke penalty.
  7. Balls hit by another ball is replaced where it was hit – No penalty.
  8. No club throwing.
  9. Alcohol or smoking is not permitted on the course.
  10. Respect the course and equipment.