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evje klatrepark

Evje Klatrepark

Evje Klatrepark, en morsom og utfordrende klatrepark bare 1 time fra Kristiansand og 5 minutter nord fra Evje.


En gøyal klatrepark hvor du får flere typer utfordringer høyt oppe i trærne. Evje Klatrepark  Dette gjør det hele veldig enkelt og trygt og er ideelt for både store og små.

TrollAktiv har Klatreparker i Arendal og Evje. Klatreparkene benytter et kontinuerlig og moderne sikkerhetssystem som gjør at du er sikret hele veien.

Lyst til å gjøre noe gøy sammen med andre?

Klatreparkene består av klatreløyper i trær med utfordrende hindre. Gjør deg klar til å balansere, klatre, huske og kjøre luftige zip-liner gjennom tretoppene.

Lure du på veien til Klatreparkene?

Kart til Evje Klatrepark (TrollAktiv)

Kart til Arendal Klatrepark (TrollPark Hove)

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Pentathlon: 5 activities in 3 hours! Strengthen team work co-operation and communication.

Through 5 different team building activities, work will be done to solve the tasks. To have a chance to succeed, planning and execution must be done in collaboration with your team. For some, this can be quite natural, for others a challenge, we are all different. But this is both educational, rewarding and fun, everyone agrees.



  • Boil water
  • Giant chess
  • Climbing wall
  • Archery

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Canoe Trip

Canoe Trip

On a guided river canoe tour you will start at TrollAktiv and paddle downstream to Evje.

The river winds its way down the valley. On route you will pass many islands with nesting osprey and portage one grade 4 rapid. At the rapid you can take a break and enjoy the scenery. The water is very clear and full of fish. The river trip consists of easy moving water and two sections of quicker moving but easy rapids. We always run this trip as a guided journey.

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One Wheel

ONe Wheel

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One wheel has simular technology to a segway, but way cooler, just as cool as snowboarding and with a fast learning curve you will be shredding round our track getting better with each lap.

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White water rafting

White water rafting evje TrollAktiv

white water rafting

White water Rafting at TrollAktiv is the No 1 most popular attraction in Evje.

White water rafting on the river Otra is an exciting river for an action-packed trip. Surfing the waves, sliding down the famous “Syrtveitfossen” on one of Norways warmest rafting rivers.

During the summer season we run exciting half-day trips, twice a day, every day, all summer long.  Our experienced instructors will manage your trip on an action packed journey down grade 3 and grade 4 rapids.

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Team Building Kids

Team building kids

For youth groups we have a selection of fun team challenge exercises designed to get the entire team working together.

This package has a 3 hour duration and comprises of a 30 minute warm up session followed by four 30 minute problem solving tasks set in the forest and the riverbank close to the Rafting centre. The event is run as a competition and finishes with a joint team relay race.

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Water Park

Water Park

The Water Park is included on all family rafting trips and is open in the evenings during the summer period.

Below the rapids on the flat lake we have our wipe out water park with fun and exciting activities for all ages including a blob, swing and trampoline.

Keep the kids busy all evening long!

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Mountain Bike Route Nr. 3

Cycle Route nr. 3

This scenic, idyllic cycle ride goes all the way from Kristiansand to Haukeligrend. We have packaged a beautiful section of the route into a nice cycle ride suitable for family and friends alike.

You get to see “Steinhvelvbua” The old bridge that Setesdal train used to go over until 1962. You also get a chance to stop in Fennefoss museum on your journey and take in some 1800 history.

Your trip ends at Stasjonen Landhandel where you can grab a coffee, by a memento or traditionally made snacks.

Price: Kr 350,- pr bike for the entire day.

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Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling

The session comprises of games, skills, surfing and a chance to test your balance on some easy rapids and and wave trains.

You can choose either a relaxing trip down the river Otra or an action filled experience on the white water.

Sups can also be rented for the for use on the fjord or river. Book stand up paddling with TrollAktiv.

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Archery Park

Archery park

This new activity is a fun competition for all the family with separate firing points for adults and children. Families can hire equipment on site.

There are 20 “3D animal dummies” of rigid foam (deer, ulv, lynx, bear, foxes, Capercaillie etc…) and also foam practice targets at each station.

Guided walks of the course are offered By TrollAktiv for groups of 3-10 people.

Great evening fun in the sun.

Hvor long?

  • 1-2 hours. 

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