Clay Pigeon Shooting (laser)

Pigeon shooting (laser)

Laser clay pigeon shooting is a fun interactive activity for company trips, families and friends.

Laser pigeon shooting uses sophisticated technology to give real-time live scoring on our scoreboard, this creates a great competitive environment and encourages improved technique.

The gun: Laser pigeon shooting uses converted shotguns so there is no live ammo, but has the real weight and design of a shotgun.

The games: We can create a variety of games with different scoring methods including. Each game lasts roughly 15 minutes.

We teach Real gun etiquette and safety and shooting techniques.

How long is the activity? 1 hour

How many players: We can have 5 competitors shooting at a time, so 10 pers maximum per session is ideal to avoid waiting.

Do we shoot real clays? This activity shoots plastic clays that are collected and reused making for a very environmentally friendly activity with no waste or sound pollution.

Where can we try this activity? This activity is based at TrollAktiv, Evje but can also be booked for events at TrollPark Hove, Arendal, or can even be booked for special events at hotels or for weddings and corporate events.

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Multi-day Trekking

Multi day trekking

Multi-Day-Trekking in the Mountains of Southern Norway.

Explore the mountains of southern Norway on a hike tailored to your experience and expectations.

The Multi-Day-Fjelltur is perfect for school groups, youth groups and anyone that would like to explore the mountains and nature of Norway in an adventourous and safe way, suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers.

TrollAktiv does all the planning and logistics for you (route-planning, accommodation, meals). Your hike can also be accompanied by an experienced mountain guide and can focus on learning about the area, the wild life and surrounding nature or just on enjoying a guided multi-day-trek in new terrain. As southern Norway offers a great number of beautiful and challenging hikes for beginners as well as experienced hikers there will be no issue to tailor this adventure to your needs and desires.

Location: Different locations in the mountains of southern Norway

Duration: 1-7 days

Acommodation: Huts or Tents

We (can) supply: Mountain Guide, Transportation, Tents or Hut Accommodation, Camping stoves, Food, team and learning equipment (i. e. maps), emergency equipment

You need to bring: Hiking boots, hiking pants, water-proof rain jacket, backpack, spare warm and dry clothes (wool, fleece etc.)

Price: Depending on group size, supply, accommodation and location of the hike. Just talk to us about the duration of your hike and any preferences and we will find a fitting and fair solution for everyone.

Learn about the nature and practice your survival skills on this guided 1-7 day trekking adventure in Norways mountains and forests. Sleep in Tents, Hammocks or Mountain Huts. Learn how to make a fire without a lighter and matches, build a survival shelter, cross a river or find your way with and without map and compass. This Trekking-Tour is ideal for youth, scout and school groups as a challenging and team-building experience close to nature.

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Sports Simulator

Sport Simulator

After a busy day with outdoor adventure book an evening with your friends or family in our multi sports simulator room. Over 20 sports to choose from and a selection of the worlds best golf courses.

Perfect for birthdays, company days and youth groups.

Choose real life playing venues!

Games can include:

  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Shooting
  • Tennis and more.

How long can I rent the sports simulator for?

The sports simulator is rented out for 1 hour slots, but there is no problem to rent out for longer if you would like.

How does it work?

  • The simulator has ball tracking technology and can analyse your technique for real time feedback.
  • The simulator has projectors and cameras tracking your technique.
  • All weather friendly activity.

We recommend booking online in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Wilderness Spa

Wilderness spa

Wilderness spa includes a wood fired hot tub and a sauna.

Add some luxury to your stay at TrollAktiv and enjoy our Sauna/hot tub experience overlooking our wilderness area. A great evening activity or finish to a raft trip. It is also a fantastic addition to a teambuilding workshop. After warming up in the spa take a dip in the lake to cool down is a truly unique experience.

TrollSpa is also a great solution when visiting TrollAktiv in the winter months or colder season to warm up after activities.

Time: TrollSpa can be booked online for one hour slots

Season: TrollSpa is all season  activity.

Sauna: There is space for 8 persons and is powered by green electricity from the sun and hydropower.

Hot tub: There is space for 8 persons and is run by fire wood from our local surroundings.

Book TrollSpa to take your TrollAktiv experience to the next level.


Otra elv rafting

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VIP Rafting

VIP Rafting

V.I.P Rafting is a spectacular and action-packed experience in one of summer Norway's warmest rivers.

We offer V.I.P Rafting at 09:00 every day except Saturday.

TrollAktiv rafting in the river Otra, which is a pristine, unique and diverse river. It has many exciting, challenging and fun waterfalls.

When we bring guests in Otra, it is with specially built, self-draining inflatable boats, developed especially for rivers and waterfalls. We can take a maximum of 7 and a minimum of 4 people plus a guide in each boat. Otra is a river with different routes adapted to different levels.


  • All equipment: Wetsuit, windproof jacket, life jacket, helmet, and wet shoes.
  • Coffee on arrival
  • Go Pro snippets from the trip
  • 2 runs from the top of the river
  • Maximum 2 boats filled with action and no waiting.
    * Everyone in the group must be over 140 cm.

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Archery Park

Archery Park

This new activity is a fun competition for all the family with separate firing points for adults and children.

  • Families can hire equipment on site.
  • There are 20 “3D animal dummies” of rigid foam and also foam practice targets at each station.
  • Guided walks of the course are offered By TrollAktiv for groups of 3-10 people.
  • Great evening fun in the sun.



Paintball is a fast-paced game where you will need to work in a team to complete your mission without being hit.

We use Tippman equipment and compressed air to give a reliable and consistent product.  We have developed our own battlefield close to the rafting centre.  It is possible to play for 2 or 3 hours and after a game you can take a hot shower and enjoy some warm food from our catering department.

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Laser Tag

laser tag

laser tag

It’s outdoors laser tag, but better! "Battle" equipment uses military graded technology and you will receive instant feedback from a hit to both the shooter and the target.

You don’t have the mess of a paintball activity and we focus on action in a safe and fun environment. As well as group or family fun, this is also a great team building activity as it allows real time military patrol scenarios to be played out.

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High Ropes Park

High ropes park

Evje High Ropes Park is a fun and challenging high wire adventure park just 1 hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Get ready to balance, climb and zip between the treetops. Guaranteed fun for both big and small!

At Evje High Ropes Park you will find a wide selection of climbing routes and exciting challenges. We use state-of-the-art safety systems and can promise you a safe and fun experience at a height!

The High Ropes Park is open all year round and offers climbing for both individuals and groups. You will find us 5 km north of Evje, about an hour from Kristiansand and Arendal.

Price High ropes park 120cm ticket

Price kr 250 if you are 120 – 140 cm high

Save kr. 30,- per person when you book online

Price High ropes park 140cm Ticket

Price kr 350 if you are over 140 cm high

Save kr. 30,- per person when you book online

The climbing routes

The climbing park at Evje offers exciting climbing routes for young and old, where you will meet various challenges and obstacles high up between the treetops.

The routes are located between the trees with different types of obstacles and challenges between them. You should prepare to climb, balance and zip-line!


How long do you climb?

Most of our guests climb for around 2-3 hours to get through all the routes and challenges.

What do I have to bring myself?

All visitors are encouraged to bring:
  • Good sneakers (sandals not allowed)
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for being active
  • Hair tie if you have long hair
You do not need to bring your own technical equipment. This is provided by us.

No previous climbing experience is necessary

A visit to Evje Climbing Park offers activities and fun challenges for all ages and skill levels. You do not need previous climbing experience to get the full fun factor! All participants receive safety training and a supervised practise before the climbing starts, so you are well prepared regardless of having previous experience or not.

Food and drink in the climbing park

  • It is not allowed to eat / drink with safety equipment on.
  • The onsite restaurant is open in the high season
  • The kiosk is open all year

Do you have a fear of heights?

Many people who have a fear of heights have tried our climbing park. With all the safety features, climbing in a climbing park can be a good place to start to cure the fear of heights! When you visit us, you first get thorough instructions of the safety equipment and how each part works. We show you how the equipment is attached, so you can be sure that the climb is safe and that you are well attached the whole time. When you have finished the training, you first try the training route, which is low to the ground. This training route must be completed by everyone who is going to climb in the climbing park. Here you get to test the equipment and practise the climbing before going up high. We are happy to help you with tips and tricks that make climbing a little less scary. We show you techniques and give you a little extra support if you want it. We always ensure a safe environment in the climbing park.

Safety in the climbing park

We at TrollAktiv take safety very seriously and ensure that your visit to the climbing park is as safe as possible. The climbing park in Evje uses a continuous and modern safety system which means that you are safely secured all the way. You will be given safety equipment used ensures that you are always fastened to the wires the whole time you are on the climbing park. All our instructors have a valid first aid course and are trained to handle all the little things that can happen. You can be sure that you will get the best help in case of an accident. The climbing park is inspected annually by an independent ERCA inspector and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate. Read more about security at TrollAktiv

Safety equipment

You will be given:
  • Full body climbing harness
  • Helmet. Size from 48cm – 60cm Edelrid Ultralight (CE Approved)
  • Carabiner hook that keeps you continuously connected to the wire
  • Pulley for zipline. King Evo (CE Approved)
Together, the equipment ensures that you are well secured and completely safe through your time on the climbing park.


Read more about self-declaration/term and conditions here

The climbing park and coronavirus

Evje Climbing Park is currently operating. We are closely following the situation around Covid-19 and are complying with the recommendations from the health authorities.

We encourage all our guests to follow current guidelines on distance and be careful with hand washing, hand sanitiser and hygiene.

Guests who show symptoms of illness or have been abroad recently should not visit Evje Climbing Park.

Read more about infection control at TrollAktiv

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Kids Club

Kids club is an exciting evening activity available to guests at TrollAktiv.

Each evening children get the chance to make friends and have a taster session of one of our top activities for children.
Each day has a different activity so you can book each night and have the kids occupied from 17:30 to 19:00
No better way to make friends, keep the kids active while the parents prepare dinner, or just relax enjoying the evening sun.
The kids club is available throughout July.
Minimum height: 110cm
Monday– Lazer Tag
Tuesday– Climbing wall
Wednesday– Archery
Thursday– High ropes mini
Friday– Lazer Tag
Saturday– Climbing wall
Sunday– Archery
*Activities are subject to change depending on weather and demand.